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Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish, Surf City Garage
If you’ve ever dealt with tarnished chrome, you know it’s ugly and hard to polish. Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish makes it easy. As the most advanced metal polish money can buy, it creates a mirror finish on chrome, aluminum…
from $18.99 ea
Model: 3118413
Surf City Garage Beyond Black® Tire Pro Dressing
What goes best with clean shiny wheels? Tires that look brand new. Nothing else helps your ride look its best more than clean wheels and tires, so use Beyond Black tire dressing. It’s got a no sling, no gel formula. No thick, glossy look…
from $11.99 ea
Model: 3118401
Black Edge™ Tire Gloss, Surf City Garage, 16 Ounce
Like all Black Edge™ detailing products, this Tire Gloss lives up to its name. No other product anywhere is easier to apply or delivers such a stunning, high gloss, Jet Black shine. Never, ever leaves a greasy, slingy mess or gel to…
$17.99 ea $16.45
Model: 3089664
Aluminum Polish, Surf City Garage
What you’re about to use may cause temporary blindness by your own reflection!  At Surf City Garage, we know what it’s like to deal with stubborn, tarnished aluminum. We also know that it should take little effort to get it back…
from $15.99 ea
Model: 3118431
Code Red™ Active Wheel Cleaner, Surf City Garage, 24 Ounce
Just to be clear – this is not your dad’s wheel cleaner, so get ready to spray on and stand back! If you’ve picked up this product, you’re tired of the same old, wimpy wheel cleaner that’s weak, dull & short-lived. Are we…
$19.99 ea
Model: 3089706
Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax, Surf City Garage, 8 Ounce
What’s the first thing people notice about a cool looking ride? – It’s wheels. The problem is, they’ve never looked better than the day you bought them, and let’s face it, keeping your wheels looking sharp is no easy task. You…
$19.99 ea
Model: 3089707
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