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Black Edge™ Essentials Kit, Surf City Garage
A deep, brilliant shine. An intense, jet-black tire gloss. Absolutely nothing makes a statement more than a black or dark car. And nothing makes that car more of a head-turner than Black Edge from Surf City Garage. Black Edge is the only…
$35.99 kt
Model: 3089666
Black Edge™ Special, Surf City Garage
Introducing Black Edge™ Special. Products specially formulated for Black and Dark cars - contain pigments to fill in light scratches and swirl marks, while providing a deep, brilliant shine at the same time. Black Edge™ Special Kit…
$89.99 kt
Model: 3118429
The Weekender Wash & Wax Kit, Surf City Garage
Looking for a no-fuss, spotless shine, every time? The Weekender Wash & Wax Kit is the ultimate detailing kit for the weekend warrior. If you enjoy spending your weekends in your driveway with your beauty, this kit is the perfect…
$101.99 kt
Model: 3118396
The Wash 'N Wax Quick Kit, Surf City Garage
On the go? Why not make it easy on yourself without sacrificing the shine your ride deserves. The Wash n’ Wax Quick Kit has your two essentials: Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax for a clean, scratch-free surface and Barrier Reef® Spray Wax…
$59.99 kt
Model: 3118384
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